Opening Soon: July 2019

We are excited to have miniature golf back in the Grand Lake list of family recreation activities. Ask about birthday parties, tournaments and group events. Check back to see pictures of the construction process...

The Clubhouse is Underway

Thanks to Jimmy, Neil and their crew from Elk Mountain Construction, the clubhouse is nearly completed.

And Harris Mini Golf is working on the last three holes. Then the turf layers will be onsite to complete the greens in just a few days. Richard and Kyle have done a fantastic job getting the 18 incredible holes laid out and built.

We anticipate opening for the first weekend in August.

Progress continues

The guys, Richard, Kyle and Arron worked hard to make up time from the cold and wet weekend. We now have six holes in. Soon we will be laying down green carpet.

We also started our perimeter fence with, Merritt and Leo worked hard and fast. They were so fast that they may have to give us a few days to finish the perimeter rock wall. The three rail fence really catches your eye as you dive by.

Keep checking in to follow our progress.

Why Did We Name it Meandering Moose?

When Gretchen and I decided on this site as our “hillside miniature golf course ” it was soon after that we saw a local summer inhabitant.

When walking the lot, I noticed several piles of droppings. They definitely were larger than deer or elk signs. They were likely moose droppings.

A few days later we saw him! Less than one hundred feet from where the photo above was taken we saw this…

Just days ago we saw more signs of this species.

Moose prints! Therefore the name, Meandering Moose mini golf.

Opening Soon (July 2019)

Welcome to the newest family activity that Grand Lake has to offer.  Those folks that call  Grand Lake their summer home know; that  Lilli Putt, the iconic miniature golf course, closed it’s doors several years ago. Now when you visit Grand Lake you have a new adventure to test your skills on the greens. Make plans this summer to create new  family memories with your children and grandchildren on your next visit.

Grand Lake man looks to develop miniature golf course downtown

Lance Maggart of the local newspaper Sky-Hi News announced a new miniature golf course in Grand Lake. The article can be found in the Sky-High News archives from November 25, 2018.

A highlight of the article recalls the long time dream of building and operating a miniature golf course. Or as they called it in their college days Put-Put golf. On their trips from Grand Junction to Grand Lake they would stop in Glenwood Springs and play a course that had a hill and a river flowing down it. They always walked away wishing they could own it or something similar. Well it seems that they made that dream come true.

The summer of 2019 allows the couples’ dream to come to life in Grand Lake some 30 plus years later and guess what it’s on a hillside and has a stream running through it.

Join us this summer at Meandering Moose