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History of Miniature Golf

Where did it all begin? The first miniature golf course was built in 1867 in Scotland at the famous St. Andrew’s Ladies Putting Club. Therefore, it is essentially the oldest miniature golf course, and it is still in business.

How about in America? Most observers claim the initial mini golf or Putt-Putt courses, popped up at fancy resorts across the eastern seaboard during the Roaring ’20’s. The mid and late 1920’s saw hundreds of roof top miniature golf courses scattered across the New York city sky-line. The courses we see today are generally modeled after James Barber’s version he built in 1916 that included fountains and geometrically-designed walkways and gardens. Some readers may remember the Putt-Putt golf course at Elitch Gardens ( a miniature golf course built within a beautiful Victorian garden). http/:lostamusementparks.napha.org

Today you are likely to see dinosaurs, gold mines, whales, castles or trains. Visit us this summer and check back with us to learn when our Grand Opening is scheduled

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